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Full Maintenance Program
​Full Maintenance Lawn Care Package

Our full maintenance lawn care package provides a well manicured look to your property year round. We include our weekly lawn mowing, fertilizer and weed control for your turf, de-weeding your flowerbeds, and trimming your shrubs around your property. Prices vary based upon lot size and amount of landscaping.
​Full Maintenance Lawn Care Package

​Full Maintenance Lawn Care Package

​Full Maintenance Lawn Care Package

​Full Maintenance Lawn Care Package

Weekly mowing/cleanup - April thru September
Biweekly mowing/cleanup - October thru March (March may be weekly if warm)
Bimonthly fertilizing with weed control  (Excluding Disease / Insect control)
Seasonal shrub trimming ( 4-5 times per year)
Flowerbed cleanup per each visit

**(Please take into account we expect three to four services to be effected by Texas weather.)


                       LOT SIZE                                                               PRICE PER MONTH                                         
        10,000 SQ. FT. & UNDER                                                             $ 225.00
        10,000-15,000 SQ. FT                                                                   $ 275.00
        15,000-20,000 SQ. FT                                                                  $ 350.00
        20,000-30,000 SQ.FT                                                                  $ 450.00
        30,000-40,000 SQ. FT                                                                 $ 575.00
        40,000 SQ. FT. PLUS                                                          NEED ON SITE ESTIMATE

                                             Please note all services are sales taxable @ 8.25 % per state law

                                     Perfect Trim Lawn & Landscape has a 60 day contract cancellation term.                           
                                        We must receive authorized notice within 60 days to cancel service. 
                           If notice is not provided, the client will be billed for the last two months of service.
Perfect Trim Lawn & Landscape reserves the right to cancel service at anytime, under any condition.